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Preventor improves solutions with Validated ID as new technology partner

Preventor improves solutions with Validated ID as new technology partner
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August 23, 2022

Validated ID, a global leader in electronic signatures has joined Preventor as technology Partner to offer the safest and easiest way to sign documents digitally.

Validated ID solution, the VIDsigner is a service designed to be integrated into third-party platforms. The goal is to add value to existing solutions, accelerating and simplifying the process of obtaining a customers' signature. 

This collaboration allows Preventor to integrate the VIDsigner solution for managing signature processes, facilitating and simplifying it, while achieving better control of the documents managed by companies. In addition, the new platform guarantees integrity with full legal and juridical validity; and ensures that the signatory is validly identified and knows exactly what they are signing. 

“We are delighted to collaborate with an innovative partner and with the knowledge of markets that Preventor has, to provide a robust electronic signature to its clients. In addition, we share the same philosophy of doing the work following the highest standard of security and data protection”, said Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID.

“Validated ID was the ideal partner for us, enabling a wide range of electronic signatures that are of great benefit to our customers,” said Jaime Ramirez, CEO at Preventor.

Validated ID and Preventor are confident that this association generates a strong solution for the segment of companies that need a wide range of electronic signatures and innovation within their digital transformation

About Validated ID 

Validated ID offers a safe and simple service for the processes of obtaining an electronic signature and verifying digital identity. It has made more than 2.6 million electronic signatures to date.

With VIDsigner, it offers a star electronic signature solution to send, manage and sign documents in any type of scenario, from face-to-face contexts through biometric signatures, to remote scenarios.

All its signature solutions are easily integrated via API Rest.

About Preventor  

Preventor is a full-service, integrated fraud management system that protects businesses from fraud and identity theft. It can be implemented easily through a simple API, and it offers a range of features, including our three main solutions: digital, AML, and compliance.

Preventor Financial Technology applies leading-edge thinking and cross-vertical expertise to protecting institutions and safeguarding consumers and investors in this complex world of regulatory compliance. For more information, find us at or reach out to us at

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Preventor improves solutions with Validated ID as new technology partner

December 16, 2020

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