How to benefit from digital onboarding & do it at more affordable prices.

How to benefit from digital onboarding & do it at more affordable prices.
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April 24, 2023

Digital onboarding generates operational efficiencies, improves customer experience, enables compliance with KYC policies and becomes more competitive. Adopting these solutions is already possible thanks to the democratization of technologies and could be within the reach of more organizations. At Preventor we can help you benefit from digital onboarding and do it at more affordable prices. Here's how.

Digital onboarding and verification have become one of the main priorities for sectors such as banking, telecommunications and other services in the midst of the accelerated race of global digitalization that requires companies to appeal to immediacy, automation and protection of user data. In this context, at Preventor we announce the launch of our new plans for digital incorporation with affordable rates for everyone.

At Preventor, we have witnessed how the competition to incorporate clients has strengthened in multiple dimensions, mainly through technological solutions that reduce the process to seconds and more robust KYC (Know Your Customer) policies that allow companies to respond to today's changing times.

With the onset of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era marked by technological innovations and a new relationship with consumers, digital onboarding must also evolve and ensure that all the frictions generated in user verification are eliminated, through tools that are already more affordable, such as voice and facial recognition, as well as new technologies that allow companies to respond to today's changing times and go one step further with life-sensing solutions, digital onboarding must evolve and eliminate all the frictions generated in user verification.

The offering in our case is based on simple and straightforward plans that adapt to the needs, size and priorities of each organization, offering you only what you need without having to pay for unused features or in case you need it with access to all the tools you need to onboard your customers starting at only US$49.99. The best part is that it only takes 5 minutes to set up and you get as little as 50 free verifications to get started:

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Digital onboarding must be simple and affordable  

At Preventor we urge that more organizations can benefit from digital onboarding amidst the revolution of tools such as automation and artificial intelligence that are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives.

Given that this environment of digitalization has also been fertile ground for fraud and money laundering threats, digital incorporation is no longer an option but a real need for organizations and fortunately it is no longer only within the reach of larger companies and budgets, but also SMEs and even earlier stage ventures are benefiting.

Proof of the relevance that organizations give to this area is that the largest companies in the financial sector are spending up to US$30 million to address KYC issues and spend between 61 and 150 days on revisions to incorporate clients and maintain the existing base, amid the challenges they face to be more efficient and use the resources they allocate for this purpose in a more cost-effective way, according to a survey of more than 1,000 C-level executives in corporate and institutional banks.

Why the digital onboarding will be decisive for the survival of businesses?

The global boom in digital banking is forcing traditional financial institutions to redesign their strategy and put customer onboarding at the center of a highly competitive environment. In the Americas alone, it is estimated that there are more than 10,700 fintechs that are revolutionizing the way customers are onboarded through process automation and multi-factor biometric authentication, leaving those organizations that are not taking care to make these steps more efficient, agile and assertive with no room for maneuver.

Having an effective and secure customer onboarding platform is vital today as churn rates have been rising alarmingly in companies of all sizes, hitting financial organizations significantly. It is estimated that financial application abandonment rates in Europe currently stand at 68% as digital users have become more demanding and are unwilling to compromise on their expectations amidst the multiplicity of offers available to them at the click of a button.

Thus, companies are in a race against the clock and nothing more and nothing less than their survival is at stake, since their current and future customer base is at stake, as well as their finances and their digital reputation. In fact, it is estimated that on average a user abandons a financial service before 19 minutes, so organizations are challenged to ensure not only a simple and fast process, but one that is also very secure for their customers.

This point is also key as the types of attacks have also diversified, aiming to impersonate the digital identity of victims with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and also identity concealment to circumvent biometric solutions and then remove evidence of their activity. It is estimated that in the e-commerce industry online payment frauds generated an impact of about US$41 billion in 2022 and for this year projections point that this crime could leave losses of more than US$48 billion.

With this scenario, we see that this is a reality of more and more sectors that are exposed to this situation and have not taken action to integrate digital incorporation solutions that allow them to shield themselves and remain competitive, despite the fact that prices are increasingly competitive. The good news is that there is still time to take the first step and start making a difference.

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