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Our beliefs

Transparency in identity is essential to our economy and the attainment of freedom and safety around the world. This transparency, and how to achieve it, is foundational to Preventor's core beliefs and pursuits. We also applied this transparency to all of our team and how we work together. We believe that our great job it’s only done because of the great people that work with us. Come join us!

Our story

Preventor was founded in 2017 in Delaware, our headquarters are based in Miami, FL. USA. Since then, we have expanded our business to Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, and France. With over 35 years of experience, our team continues to work towards an efficient, secure way to identify and prevent fraud, and to deliver a new way to comply with global KYC and AML regulations. Our mission, however, goes well beyond that.

Our technology stack

Preventor is based on a culture of technical excellence and this is possible thanks to the people who work with us.

Our platform is a 100% cloud-based solution built in an evolutionary, automated, resilient, and reliable architecture, which give us the ability to continue growing quickly and safely.

About our frontend, we believe that a user experience is the key to transmit the trust and quality of our products, for that reason we developed a design system that represents our brand and defines the components guidelines for our platform. We continue to evolve creating micro frontends that allow us to take the Web APIs to another level for seamless integrations.

Our ecosystem of APIs is based on open platform standards allowing us the easy integration and compression of the resources from our platform. We are committed to our customers, that is why we developed a fault-tolerant and event-based software.

Learn more about our technology stack here.

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Preventor is the next generation self-service digital identity and fraud prevention platform for individuals, businesses, and governments.
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