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Frequently asked questions

How long does the free trial last and how it works?
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Our free trial last 14 days. During this time and after registration, you will be assigned a sandbox environment where you can run up to 50 free digital identity verifications, perform the streamline digital onboarding and have a live experience of the compliance platform’s modules such as executive dashboards and KYC.

How the subscription of Preventor’s services work?
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You can select the products and your preferred subscription plan based on the features and volume that best fit your business requirements and needs.

Can I upgrade my subscription?
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You can upgrade your plan and volume at any time.

How does the billing work?
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Fees are charged each month in advance. Annual payment in advance will decrease the total annual payment in 10%.

How long it will take to use Preventor with my application?
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The integration time varies on each business case, products subscribed, and by the method of integration selected. However, as an example, a Fintech company can start using the digital identity verification with their clients, perform the streamline onboarding including AML risk screening and KYC automated approval, in only few days after signed-up by using our frontend-as-a-services integration method.

Does Preventor provides compliance services?
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Preventor offers a variety of compliance services, from outsourcing, consulting, monitoring, enhanced due-diligence up to case management back-office services.

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